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cologne cityReuters

One person was injured in a knife and shooting attack in the heart of Cologne, Germany on Monday. Two suspects were taken into custody on Monday. One in Habsburgring and another was stopped by the police in Moltkestrasse. The incident took place early on Monday, reported German media. 

Eyewitnesses reportedly told the police that an altercation took place around 4 am local time, following which they saw men attacking each other with axes, Reuters reported. One man was stabbed in the thigh on Flandrische Street after an altercation with four other people, the Express reported. He then ran to his Mercedes car and fled. Another man shot at the victim's car even as he fled. 

The victim, who has "serious injuries" was taken to a hospital, police spokeswoman Cathrine Maus said. The victim has not been identified yet. 

When the police reached the spot for investigation, they found shattered glass and a "substance that looked like blood," she added. Eyewitnesses told the police that the attackers were "well-dressed." 

Flandrische Street is known as a red-light area where drug-pushing and money-laundering are also rampant practises, according to the Express. 

Germany has been on high-alert since multiple attacks by people who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group. In July, a teenager in Munich had shot dead nine people. In the same week, another man had blown himself up outside a bar in Ansbach. 

Cologne had made headlines after more than 1,000 women were sexually assaulted and robberies had taken place during the New Year's eve. At least 2,000 men, many of whom were asylum seekers, were alleged to have been involved in the attacks.