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Kerala police on Monday brought rape convict Bitti Mohanty to Kannur after his identity was verified with Rajasthan police, reported Press Trust of India.

DSP SK Sudarshan, head of the five-member police investigation team looking into the case, said that all necessary details regarding Bitti's identity have been collected.

Police have secured finger prints and prison records from Rajasthan prison where Bitti was serving his sentence for raping a German national in March 2006. He is expected to remain in custody till 21 March in Kerala.

A high-level meeting of police officials is expected to take place on Tuesday which would decide the next-course of action in the case, reported The Hindu.  

Kerala police may seek an extension of his custody from Rajasthan police taking account of Bitti's crimes. He faces charges of cheating, forgery and impersonation. He is also required to appear before Rajasthan court for jumping his parole in November 2006 and absconding from police since then.

Bitti took on a fake identity as 'Raghav Rajan' and enrolled in a MBA college. Using the same alias, he secured a job at State Bank of Travancore in Kannur as a probationary officer. An anonymous tip-off to bank authorities regarding his true identity led to his arrest on 8 March.

Police had earlier recovered Bitti's forged documents from his house in Puttaprthi. Another team visited Odisha and verified his identity from academic certificates and from his father, BB Mohanty, a former Director General (Home Guard) of Odisha.

BB Mohanty, who was initially suspected of having a role in the forgery, recognized his son from a photo provided during police interrogation.

Officials said that all investigations till date have affirmed his identity, but may carry out a DNA test if required.