cristiano ronaldo, georgina rodriguez
Cristiano with Georgina and son CristianinhoMICHAEL BUHOLZER/AFP/Getty

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez were blessed with a newborn last 2017 in the form of daughter Alana Martina. The year also saw a massive downturn in the life of Georgina as her parents withdrew their support from her for getting pregnant.

As we hope the year 2018 does everything right for Georgina and she finally sorts everything out with her parents, we also pray that the immense love she has for her boyfriend Cristiano, never dies.

In an adorable Instagram post, the Spanish model, who bagged a job at the Uno models agency last year, showcased her love for the Real Madrid footballer with the use of such stunning words which can make any man's heart melt.

Translation in English: "And suddenly, you realize how powerful a thought can be, a dream, living positively and with hope. A few days ago, when we were saying goodbye to the year 2017 and we were starting 2018 in Madeira, they took me to see the street where my love (Cristiano) grew.

"It was one of those special visits. We took this picture in his old house, where Cristiano grew up. I remember my brother-in-law Hugo telling me anecdotes and a smile is drawn on my face as I imagine him there, a child Cris spending hours and hours playing with his ball, throwing it against the wall, with one foot and another.

"That is a special place, it breathed the illusion, it was full of dreams, efforts, thoughts so strong and deep, that one day they stopped being dreams and desires to become HIS REALITY.

"Hence the importance of having a clean mind and a soul in peace, always being positive. Let no one limit us, let no one tell us how far we are able to go, and if they do, we should be aware that those are only the limits of the person speaking, not ours.

"It was very exciting to know the place where the Legend grew up."

Cristiano and Georgina met in 2016 in the VIP area at a Dolce & Gabbana event in Madrid, Spain. It was since then that they started dating and finally went public about their relationship after some months.