Nani in Gentleman
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Mohan Krishna Indraganti's "Gentleman" has grossed over Rs 5 crore at the worldwide box office on the first day. The movie has become the biggest opener for Nani, beating his previous record of "Bhale Bhale Magadivoi" (BBM).

"Gentleman" had been creating positive buzz in the media, ever since Indraganti announced it. Its posters, teasers, trailer and songs impressed the viewers and created lot of curiosity among them, while its makers had massive publicity for the film. The huge hype surrounding the movie helped the producers to sell its rights for record prices.

The distributors of "Gentleman," who bagged its theatrical rights, made grand arrangements for its release and booked over 700 screens across the globe for it. They also made ticket booking available well in advance and the film registered decent response in booking before release. After seeing these aspects, trade analists predicted the movie would start with a bang at the box office.

As predicted, "Gentleman" opened to fantastic response in both single screens and multiplexes in the morning shows on Friday. The Nani, Surubhi and Niveda Thomas starrer bagged positive talk from the audience across the globe and the word of mouth took its business upwards in the later shows. The film did superb collection at the global box office on its opening day.

"Gentleman" collected approximately Rs 5.50 crore gross at the worldwide box office on the first day and it earned Rs 3.19 crore for its distributors, according to Andhra Box Office. The film became the biggest opener for Nani, beating the record of "Bhale Bhale Magadivoi," which collected Rs 5.01 crore gross (Rs 3.15 crore) at the global box office on its opening day.

Area Gentleman BBM
Nizam Rs 87 lakh Rs 74 lakh
Ceeded Rs 27 lakh Rs 19 lakh
Vizag Rs 25 lakh Rs 18.50 lakh
G East Rs 19 lakh Rs 17 lakh
G West Rs 14 lakh Rs 12.50 lakh
Krishna Rs 16 lakh Rs 11 lakh
Guntur Rs 21 lakh Rs 18 lakh
Nellore Rs 07 lakh Rs 05 lakh
AP/T Total Rs 2.16 crore Rs 1.75 crore
Karnataka Rs 21 lakh Rs 29 lakh
Overseas Rs 72 lakh Rs 101 lakh
Others Rs 10 lakh Rs 10 lakh
Global Total Rs 3.19 crore Rs 3.15 crore