Megaton Rainfall
Checking out few of the best indie titles from GDC 2015YouTube

In a brand-conscious era, consumers are always looking out for a dominant brand. Something similar is happening in the gaming business, where big names are often placed ahead of unsung solitary developers.

However, apart from immersing into a world that's primarily dominated by talks of triple-A game titles, the Game Developers Conference (GDC) was also a great place for showing off whatever indie games you may have developed over the year. And thanks to the event, there are dozens of those to choose from.

Hence, shifting our focus from the big name 'Call of Duty's and 'Battlefield's, here's a look at six of the best indie titles that were showcased at this year's GDC.

Daydreamer (PC)
Daydreamer is surely one of the strangest indie titles to have been presented at GDC 2015. The game showcases a sort of bizarre art style and revolves around a little boy trying to rescue his brother with the help of weapons like laser guns and flamethrowers, apart from the help he gets from his pet companions against equally strange bosses. All the characters in this Roland Studios-developed game have been rendered peculiar, with equally weird detailing that removes the barrier between 2D and 3D. The game is set for a summer 2015 release.

Push Me Pull You (PC)
Another one of those weird indie titles out of this year's GDC, Push Me Pull You, developed by 'House House,' is basically a local four-player title that sees two players controlling a double-sided humanoid-sort of thing against another team of two. The two players will control either halves of the creature and will need to coordinate, grow, and shrivel their shared body to defend their own ball while pushing the opponents' off the arena. The characters' body makes a sort of sickening sound when transforming, somewhat reminding us of the equally sickening Human Centipede.

Extreme Exorcism (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Sure, Extreme Exorcism might seem out of age and extremely pixelated from a distance, but the fun lies in whether you can get past those barriers and actually embrace the core gameplay mechanics of this upcoming title from Golden Ruby Games. This 2D arena game allows up to four players to compete where they are trying to get rid of each other and their ghosts. Apart from gaining access to different cool weapons in the game (like grenades and assault rifles), players can permanently get rid of the ghosts by using powerful exorcism power-ups. Moreover, co-op gameplay is allowed for Extreme Exorcism. It is currently set for a summer release.

Megaton Rainfall (PC)
Developed by Pentadimensional Games, Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero game that allows you to fly around the world pick up brawls against robotic aliens. The game is somewhat a sombre reminder of the bygone childhood days that were spent pacing around the house with a sheet or towel fixed to you collar, portraying the likes of Superman or Batman. What's more, the game also has support for virtual reality headsets, and it should look great in a regular Oculus headset.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown (PC)
Talk about all sports in one, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown from Tipping Goat is a mash-up sports game that involves almost all the sports in the world. The game sees an utterly ridiculous hockey net goal with a football goalpost fitted to it and rounded off with a basketball hoop, but that's what makes it such a bizarre treat to kill time. Players get to pick from several different kinds of athletes and scoring different goals in different portions gets you an assorted range of points. Needless to say, scoring isn't that easy, more so since the ball plays for different goals are handled differently.

Box Boy (3DS)
While Nintendo continues to struggle in a market that constantly operates with names such as Xbox One and PS4 at the helm, here's a game that seems like a great fit for the 3DS. Box Boy, from HAL Laboratory may seem and sound utterly boring from a distance, but you would do yourself a world of good if you judge it from what's inside. While the game revolves around Qbby, who has to find his way to the door while steering clear of obstacles, it seems like the character also has the ability to spawn boxes around him. These boxes, and their shapes and sizes, can be manipulated by the gamer via different sorts of tapping procedures. While the concept is a simple one, there are chances that you might get confused by the earlier boxes that you might have spawned for your advantage.