Gautam Gulati, Diandra Soares
Gautam Gulati, Diandra SoaresSnapshot from Colors' video

Easily one of the most popular "Bigg Boss 8" contestants, Gautam Gulati has had to explain himself ever since he set foot into the mad house.

Recently, his kissing selfie with a girl has raised quite a few eyebrows. While his 'special' friend Diandra Soares called it adorable when one of her followers asked her what she thought of it, brother Mohit Gulati revealed the history.

"This was around seven-eight years back when Gautam was shooting for a deodorant ad, and there was this sequence where he had to stand and a bunch of girls ran towards him. So, after the shoot, one of the models wanted to take a selfie with him, and it was all in good humour," Hindustan Times quoted him as saying.

Annoyed with the juicy gossips around the photo, Mohit also added how making an issue out of it is absolutely unnecessary. "Now if someone uploads his naked toddler photos, will that be counted as 'nude pic of Gautam'," he asked.

In other news, when Diandra entered the "BB8" house as part of the 'freeze release' task, she informed Gautam about how she had apologised to his family members for being immature and dragging him to the washroom. Although, he said there wasn't any need for her to do it, he really appreciated the heart-warming gesture.

However, Mohit doesn't quite look like in the mood to forgive her. "We have ­nothing against Diandra, but she did the damage she had to do. Now my brother is having to give explanations about what happened in the bathroom and all that, and even my mother and our entire family is being stopped on the roads and asked about it," he revealed.

Gautam has, strangely, always found himself amid controversies he never started. Although the red chili paste-smearing episode, which made the housemates sideline him, made him an object of scorn, he maintained that he held no grudges against anyone.

His frequent bathroom escapades with evicted contestant Diandra followed by a whirlwind romance came like whiff of fresh air for the viewers but little did he imagine that he would have to be answerable to so many people at once.

At the press conference, arranged by the makers of the high-voltage reality show, the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor was bombarded with questions regarding his relationship with Diandra. Handling the accusations with dignity, he said he misses her adding that the supermodel will always be a special friend no matter what.