Gaurav Arora
Television celebrity Gaurav Arora came out as GauriInstagram

Gaurav Arora, who came out as Gauri, recently opened up about the man who made him feel like a woman during MTV Splitsvilla 8. Though he refused to reveal the name of the celebrity, he gave enough hints to connect the dots.

Gaurav, in an interview with the Times of India, said that it was during the shooting of MTV Splitsvilla 8 that he came across that man who made him feel like a woman for the first time. But he was heartbroken when he came to know that the man was in a relationship with another producer boyfriend. After the revelation, Gaurav quit the reality show midway citing health issues.

When asked about the man, Gaurav refused to divulge his name, as he didn't want to get publicity. He told the publication: "The guy was acting in one of the biggest shows on MTV, in which he played a college rock star. He came on the set of 'Splitsvilla' for a couple of days, not as a participant, but to meet his boyfriend. I was a fan of his and fell for him when he approached me. He told me that he has to be in the closet since he is a celebrity," Gaurav told TOI.

"He left TV for a film. I don't want to name him as he has been mired in controversies with his producer boyfriend and I don't want my coming out to become a publicity for him. I believe in karma and it will come back to him. He has not only hurt me but has done worse to his boyfriend of many years who technically made him what he is today."

While MTV Splitsvilla contestant refused to name the person in question, the clues suggest that the man is none other than television star Parth Samthaan, TOI reported. However, the actor lashed out at the newspaper in a series of tweets.

Parth took to social media to slam the daily and tweeted that people can do anything to demean someone's image and career. "We all know who's doing what..n its hard to believe that people can fall so low to demean one's image and career..there r limits #insaanbano," he tweeted.