Garima Abrol
Squadron leader, Samir Abrol along with his wife Garima AbrolTwitter/ Anil Chopra

"Not all women are made equal, some are the Armed forces wives", with this strong message, retired Air Marshall Anil Chopra broke the news on Twitter that the wife of squadron leader Samir Abrol, who was killed in a Mirage-2000 fighter jet crash, would be joining the Indian Air Force.

Chopra said that Garima Abrol, who is also a Zumba instructor, is a "woman of exceptional substance" and would join IAF Academy in Telangana in 2020. Chopra posted the photo of the couple along with the recently taken training photo of Garima.

"Mrs Garima Abrol, wife of Sqn ldr Samir Abrol who martyred in Mirage2000 fighter plane crash while test flying it at HAL Airport. To join Air Force Academy. Woman of exceptional substance and will join @IAF_MCC in Jan 2020. Not all woman are made equal some are Armed forces Wives," he said on Twitter.

Garima's husband, 33-year-old squadron leader Sameer Abrol, was killed along with the other pilot, Siddharth Negi, 31, when their Mirage-2000 jet crashed at the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) airport in Bengaluru. The ill-fated jet crashed during its take-off on February 1 morning even though the two pilots were able to eject as the French origin jet hit a barrier and a wall before exploding.

Sameer Abrol's family pledged to raise awareness on the plight of ageing fighter jets in the country which is risking the lives of young pilots. Sameer's brother Sushant Abrol, who took his brother's body back home to Delhi, also penned an emotional poem that raised significant questions on the safety of the young air force personnel.

"Never had he breathed so heavy, as for the last time. While the bureaucracy enjoyed its corrupt cheese and wine. We give our warriors outdated machines to fight. They still deliver it with all their prowess and might," read an excerpt from the poem.

Samir Abrol
The squadron leader, Samir Abrol who died during the IAF Mirage-2000 crash in Bengaluru on Fenruary1Facebook/Sushant Abrol

Sushant has created a hashtag #lostpilots on social media to emphasise the need to provide the pilots of the country with safe and upgraded planes and save their lives. Below are the few excerpts from the poem:

"We give our warriors outdated machines to fight,
They still deliver it with all their prowess and might.

Once again a martyr was killed,
As he fell from the sky onto the ground.

Unforgiving is a job of a test pilot
Someone has to risk it to show others the light

Proud of my brother
Fights on always bro !!,"