gang war

In a very disturbing footage to have emerged from Karnataka's Udupi, around six youngsters can be seen indulging in a near fatal gang war.

The incident, which seems to have taken place in the night, involves a fight between two warring groups. In the video, two Maruti Swift cars can first be seen involved in a road scuffle, wherein the white car deliberately smashes its bonnet and one side into the other car. When those onboard the grey car come out to confront the driver and others, the white car rams into one of the guys, runs over him leaving the victim seriously injured on the road. The man who was knocked down on the road can later also be seen being thrashed with sticks by the rival gang members.

The video, which gives a clear view of the incident, seems to have been captured by an onlooker from the top of a building. The incident which went viral on social media has left everyone shocked. A few local media reports suggest that the incident pertains to a financial issue between two groups. Two people involved in the incident have already been arrested by the police while the search is on for the rest. The police also said that at least six people are involved in the incident. The rest are reportedly still on the run.

A political row has erupted over the footage, with BJP leaders and supporters politicising the issue and blaming the Congress government for the law-and-order situation. Meanwhile, several took to social media to highlight as to where was the younger generation headed? "Youngsters at the peak of their age indulging in such extreme anti-social activities. Where are we headed? At this stage of their life, ideally, they shouldn't have time from careers and coaching and such productive and positive things," remarked a shocked user.