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Nani's Gang Leader made an average collection at the worldwide box office in the first week (7 days). The Vikram Kumar-directed film is heading to meet the fate of Prabhas' Saaho in the coming days.

Nani's Gang Leader was released in a large number of cinema halls across the globe on September 13 and got a good response. Despite getting mixed talk, the movie went on to fare well on Saturday and Sunday and made a good collection at the worldwide box office in the first weekend.

The Nani starrer witnessed a steep decline of nearly 70 percent on Monday and it went on showing a drop in its business on the following weekdays. Gang Leader has collected Rs 33.10 crore gross at the worldwide box office in the first week. The movie has shattered the record of Nani's Krishnarjuna Yuddham, which minted Rs 28.60 crore gross in the global market in its lifetime run.

The distributors have shelled out Rs 29 crore on its global theatrical rights and Gang Leader has earned them Rs 19.52 crore for them in seven days. The movie has recovered 67.31 percent of their investment in the first week. The film will have really a tough timing in returning the amount to them in the coming days.

What is alarming about its collection is the huge drop on weekdays on which Gang Leader has earned less than Rs 5 crore to its distributors. This number shows the lack of viewers' interest. Secondly, it will clash with Varun Tej's Valmiki aka Gaddalakonda Ganesh and Suriya's Bandobast, which are sure to take a toll on its collection in its second week.

Gang Leader needs to earn Rs 9.48 crore for the distributors to break the even. Considering the above aspects, the movie will not be able to return this amount and it will meet the same fate of Saaho, which has bombed at the box office.

Here are the area-wise earnings and prices of the theatrical rights of Gang Leader. These are based on different sources and they may vary from the actual numbers released by its makers/distributors. All the figures are in rupees and crore.

Area Rights Earnings
Nizam 8.40 5.83
Ceded 3.60 1.79
Vizag 2.50 1.95
G East 1.70 1.26
G West 1.40 0.69
Krishna 1.60 1.08
Guntur 2.00 1.14
Nellore 0.80 0.48
AP/TS Total 22.00 14.40
Karnataka 1.75 1.55
Overseas 6.00 3.57
Global Total 30.00 19.52