With the introduction of streaming apps like Ullu, Alt Balaji, and Kooku, the adult movie industry has successfully opened its online market in India. Unlike B-grade movies that were being widely made in the 1990s, these adult web series have good making quality, and they also have several steamy scenes that could send chills through the spines of the audiences.

International Business Times, India edition presents you with the list of top 05 Indian adult web series.

Adult Series
Screenshots from Woh Teacher and TadapUllu App

Gandi Baat (ALT Balaji)

Gandi Baat is an adult series that can be watched on Alt Balaji. As of now, Alt Balaji has released four seasons of this series, and it had received widespread audience appreciation. Set in the backdrop of rural India, Gandi Baat is loaded with several steamy sex scenes.

Woh Teacher (Kooku)

The major highlight of Woh Teacher is Rajsi Verma. In this series, she enacts a middle-aged teacher who engages in a sexual affair with her student. With her hot looks and spectacular performance on intimate scenes, Rajsi Varma has captured several hearts, and she now enjoys a decent fan following among netizens.

Tadap (ULLU)

Tadap is basically not an adult series, instead, it is a beautiful triangular love story. However, this series is loaded with at least one intimate scene in every episode. What makes Tadap a must-watch series is the brilliant performance of Shiny Dixit. Unlike other web series heroines who concentrate only on skin show, Shiny stands out, and she excelled in emotional scenes too.

Halala (ULLU)

Halala is another classic web series made by Ullu. Just like Tadap, this web series also has a beautiful storyline. Adult movie lovers will also like this series, as there are a handful of long intimate scenes that feature Shafaq Naaz is the hottest avatar. It should be also noted that Halala is a series that also handles a socially relevant message.

Mona Home Delivery (ULLU)

Mona Home Delivery is another hot web series released by Ullu. The series revolves around the life of Mona, a prostitute. Kangana Sharma enacted the role of Mona, and it features some of the hottest scenes ever made in the Indian web series industry.