Nintendo Switch, GTA 5
Nintendo Switch, GTA 5Facebook/Nintendo

With Nintendo's latest Switch next-gen gaming consoles having become the cynosure of all eyes even before its release in March, rumour mills are abuzz with popular Rockstar Games coming out with a game tailor-made for Nintendo Switch gamers.

According to Express UK, it is still possible that Rockstar Games would announce a game especially for the Switch. This report also hints at Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) being potentially made compatible for Nintendo Switch in the future. The reason given for such a rumoured development is the fact that GTA 5 has found itself on almost all major gaming platforms across the world.

However, the rumours are to be taken with a pinch of salt considering the fact that Rockstar is yet to issue official updates with regard to porting GTA 5 to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, no Rockstar title has been announced as being compatible with the next-gen gaming device, as of now.

Nonetheless, if GTA 5 indeed comes to Nintendo Switch, then gamers would definitely have a lot to cheer about as the Nintendo online multiplayer offering could be leveraged along with the GTA 5 Online multiplayer functionality to create an exciting gaming atmosphere in general.

In related news, now since the release date of Nintendo's next-gen console is known, it only becomes natural for even first-time users to check if the important Mass Effect: Andromeda would join the fray (on Nintendo Switch). As per an official statement by Micheal Gamble, a producer at BioWare, the company would launch a custom-made version of Mass Effect: Andromeda on Nintendo Switch consoles. But not anytime soon. This launch will happen only after the release of Nintendo Switch and based on the degree of demand from gamers owning the console.

Nonetheless, Mass Effect loyalists can anticipate the release of Andromeda specifically for Nintendo Switch in the distant future. Also, loyalists and gamers can raise such a demand and lobby with BioWare intensively to get the action role-playing third-person shooter video game released.