Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 review
Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 reviewGame of Thrones (@gameofthrones/Instagram)

HBO's Game of Thrones season 8 only has three episodes remaining and fans will be wondering what to watch next after the release of the final episode. There is this awaited Lords of The Rings series under the production of Amazon but if you still wish to stay in Westeros then worry not, George RR Martin has finally given an update which we all have been waiting for from a long time.

Back in 2017, George RR Martin revealed that after the end of Game of Thrones, there were five spinoff shows from the original stories that fans would be able to enjoy for a long time. Martin considered them as successors to Game of Thrones. However, in his recent blog, he stated that three out of those five spinoffs are still moving forward nicely.

George RR Martin further pointed out that HBO has ordered a pilot for one of the spinoffs, which is set more than 10,000 years of before the events of Game of Thrones. Several fans have been speculating that this untitled series will finally show us Children of Forest and how they kidnapped the First Men, who eventually became the Night King. If this happens, then one of those Game of Thrones spinoffs will serve as the origin story of Night King. It would be pretty exciting to see how the showrunners will take the narrative forward and what new they will be doing in the show that will fulfil the expectations of millions of fans.

In his blog, George RR Martin further stated that the remaining two spinoffs are still in development and they are trying their best to materialise their thoughts into reality.

George RR Martin
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"The one I am not supposed to call THE LONG NIGHT will be shooting later this year, and two other shows remain in the script stage, but are edging closer. What are they about? I cannot say. But maybe some of you should pick up a copy of FIRE & BLOOD and come up with your own theories," Martin wrote.

Meanwhile, HBO's Game of Thrones will return on Sunday night (in the United States) and on Monday morning in India with a brand new episode of season 8. There are several theories about the upcoming episode as Tyrion Lannister will betray Daenerys Targaryen, fans will learn more when the awaited episode will release worldwide.