Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei
Nathalie Emmanuel as MissandeiFacebook/Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" is the one show where your imaginations can run wild and no theory is too crazy. One of the most popular fan theories running wild regarding the upcoming Season 7 is that Missandei (Nathalie Joanne Emmanuel) is a faceless man.

The believers of this theory say that besides being immensely devoted to Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), Missandei is also a faceless man. Along with the clues that the fans have gathered from Missandei's own behaviour patterns, Arya's (Maisie Williams) training also adds credibility to this school of thought.

Missandei is adept in 19 languages, which seems unlikely for her age. However, when compared to the seemingly little girl who turns out to be 36 years old, that Arya met at Braavos, this makes sense. Missandei could just be a really old person who just ages really gracefully.

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Really observant fans would have noticed how she had once mentioned hearing slaves scratching on the city walls even though they were half a mile away.

At Danny's command, Missandei stripped off her clothes and climbed in after her.
"This one heard the Astapori scratching at the walls last night," the little scribe said as she was washing Danny's back.

"No one was scratching at the walls."
"Your Grace knows best," said Missandei. "Shall I wash your hair?"

And the greatest clue of all is that Danny's BFF/confidant keeps referring to herself as "this one," which is eerily similar to "no one."

If the theory does turn out to be true, there would be enormous impact that it has on the show as a whole. Especially because Missandei seems to be in support of Danny becoming the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, it would automatically mean that the Faceless God wants to see a Targaryen back on the throne or a woman, we wouldn't know for sure. May be the Faceless God just thinks Danaerys would make a good ruler regardless of her sex and bloodline.