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After weeks of building suspense and finally revealing that Hagoromo has reached a decision regarding who his successor will be, "Naruto Shippuden" has gone on a break without actually confirming who that successor will be. Season 20 episode 568 of the anime, which is titled "The Successor" will not be aired on Thursday, July 14, but instead will premiere next week on July 21.

In the previously aired episode 467 of "Naruto Shippuden," fans saw the different ways in which Asura and Indra dealt with the problems of their respective villages. While Indra came to the conclusion that there is no way all the villagers can come together and make a decision regarding what to do to secure their future, Asura decided to stay back for as long as it takes to help the villagers survive without the God Tree.

Asura and Taizō starts digging a well, which will provide water to the villagers even after the God Tree stops providing for the people. As the village elder had explained, before the God Tree, the village used to face yearly droughts and countless death due to starvation. Most villagers are scared that once Asura destroys the tree, things will return to that extreme.

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However, with the well Asura is digging, they can survive the drought and with the destruction of the tree they can save their people from dying of the sickness caused by the God Tree. Considering this, the villagers also start helping him. After a year of hard work, Asura returns to his father successful in his mission.

All Manga fans know how Hagoromo will choose Asura over his brother as the Ninshū successor, but the anime realisation of the event will occur only on Thursday, July 21, when "Naruto Shippuden" Season 20 episode 468 airs.