Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser image feat. Jon SnowFacebook / Game of Thrones

Just three months before the premiere of Game of Thrones season 7, Kit Harington aka Jon Snow of the fantasy drama dropped a major hint about his character. Last year, GoT fans were heartbroken when the popular character Jon Snow died (though he came back later).

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However, the actor just confirmed that his character will not die in season 7. Talking about Game of Throne season 7, he said he finished shooting and is already waiting for the season eight scripts.

"Just finished season seven and I am already counting down the days until I get the season eight scripts. Everyone's been wondering how it's going to end, and what's going to happen right from the get-go, and theorising about it. It's really exciting to me not knowing, genuinely having no idea where it's going to end, what they've got in their heads, and being the first to find out," Harington said in statement.

"I sort of know where he is now. Next season will be next season, he might go through a big change, I don't know. He's dear to me. I've lived with him for so long. I think I've come into a place of feeling quite emotional about him, actually, knowing that I'm not going to get to go back to him after next year," he said.

"I'm really trying to just take stock of having lived this sort of dual life with this character, and being through so much with this character. It's been a strange journey, but I'll always be fond of it," he added.

The seventh season of the fantasy drama will premiere on July 16. The show, which is based on novels by George R.R. Martin, will air in India on Hot Star, Star World, Star World HD and Star World Premiere HD.