As the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 premiere date draws closer, we can't help but fret about the fate of our favourite queen and choice benefactor of the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Especially now that everyone's beloved imp Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) is by her side, Daenerys' likelihood of standing a chance against the Lannisters has improved manifold.

When we last saw the Mother of Dragons, though, she was surrounded by a huge army of Dothrakis. Although the reason for their tracing down their former Khaleesi was not revealed, it is safe to assume this little surprise will not result in the death of Daenerys. In fact, she could use this huge, ruthless army to help advance in her journey to become the ruler of seven kingdoms.

For all practical purposes, it would just be easy for the Khaleesi to marry Khal Jhaqo, Drogo's ko, who took over the khalasar after Drogo died, to earn the respect of the army. However, we know the Jhaqo is no friend of the queen, and if captured she might just become yet another sex toy locked in his tent.

Although it would agree with the leaked script from November 2015, wherein it was revealed that a few Dothraki soldiers were speaking about raping their former Khaleesi, we do believe the presence of her magnificent dragon Drogon will convince them to choose her as their ruler; Dothrakis, after all, are the practitioners of "survival of the fittest".

Also consider the Dothraki prophecy: "Stallion Who Mounts the World." What better to ride/mount than a dragon? The Dothraki watching her ride Drogon will defenitely earn Daenerys the brownie points she needs from the Dothrakis. 

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Moreover, a marital alliance between Jhaqo and Daenerys seems too far-fetched considering her quote: "It was a cruel fate, yet not so cruel as Mago's will be. I promise you that, by the old gods and the new, by the lamb god and the horse god and every god that lives. I swear by the Mother of Mountains and the Womb of the World. Before I am done with them, Mago and Ko Jhaqo will plead for the mercy they showed Eroeh".

Now, with the arrival of the Spider (Conleth Hill) and Tyrion at the Meereen, Daenerys has the necessary intellectual assistance to make smart decisions in politics. With Jon Snow's return almost certain, we can hopefully even believe the three heads of the dragon are the Crow, the Imp and the Mother of Dragons.

Many fans believe all three are Targaryen-born; we already know about Daenerys' parentage and we are all well aware of the "R + L = J" theory. Now we are exploring the possibility that Tyrion has Targaryen blood in him, too!

According to the books, King Aerys Targaryen aka the Mad King reportedly got drunk at Tywin and Joanna's wedding and claimed: "It was a great pity that the lord's right to the first night had been abolished". Bustle reports it is a reference to the fact that the king got to have sex with newly married women.

He is, however, the Mad King, and capable of doing whatever he wants, so when he did get the chance, he slept with Joanna. This resulted in the birth of Tyrion, who with his light blonde hair and different-coloured eyes, resembled the Targaryens more than he did the Lannisters.