Taapsee Pannu in Game Over
Taapsee Pannu in Game OverPR Handout

Director Ashwin Saravanan's multilingual movie Game Over featuring Taapsee Pannu in the lead role has impressed the audience and received positive review and rating from them.

Game Over is a suspense thriller drama thriller, which is released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar have written script for the movie, which has been jointly produced by Y NOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.42 hours.

Game Over movie story: Swapna (a brilliant Taapsee Pannu) is a blooming video game designer, who lives alone in her house on a lonely street with a dark past. She is a young woman suffering from PTSD and is on a road to recovery. As the news of a serial killer breaks, she starts sensing a strange presence around her. What happens next forms the crux of the film.

Game Over movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audience's response.

Prachee Shah Paandya‏ @PracheePaandya

#GameOver actually plays with your mind and thrills you to death in a twisted way! Keeps you guessing which way is it going throughout! @taapsee 's layered performance holds the entire film together! Excels herself every time ! @anuragkashyap72 @RelianceEnt

Amish‏ @Tweet2Amish

It's an hour since the screening of #GameOver got done but I still have goosebumps all over me! @taapsee you have been Amazing throughout the movie! Is there any character or genre you can't play? I am just stumped and speechless at your sheer brilliance!

CHARLIE‏ @CharlieGulshan

#GameOver is the film that you cannot miss. @taapsee has the capacity to deliver an impactful performance in any thriller. Her character has so many layers which will hit you hard in few scenes. This well-written piece will tingle your mind-wires. A good start @anuragkashyap72 !!

Chinttu...!‏ @Pradeepchintu51

#GameOver what a movie., awesome script, perfect screenplay and @taapsee madam ur nailed it.. challenging role u deserve it finally #blockbuster 3/5

Sidhu‏ @sidhuwrites

#GameOver is a very neat multigenre thriller with a good load of wow moments. @Ashwin_saravana hits the right notes once again, with amazing support from the tech team. Innovative, impressive stuff. #GameOver: Goosebumps galore. Polished, well-written slasher thriller with a patient first half and many nail-biting sequences in the second. With extraordinary sound and visual control, this one's a good watch for the fans of the genre.

Aniruddha Guha @AniGuha

Holy shit! #GameOver is a heart-thumping, thrilling ride - a mindbending mix of several genre films. Even the best high-concept thrillers ('Don't Breathe', 'Hush'), though, lack an emotional connect, which the film has in abundance! A win for @taapsee and the whole team!

Nikhil Taneja @tanejamainhoon

.@taapsee needs to be applauded for the choices she makes with her scripts. Not only one of the best young actors we have, but also one of the most intelligent minds we have! Can't wait to see #GameOver this weekend.

Baradwaj Rangan @baradwajrangan

"#GameOver is a tight genre-hopping thriller that keeps you guessing about the genre it can be slotted into. (I swear, I'm still trying.) The miracle is that it manages to pack all of this—and a lot more—into 100-odd minutes."

Ayesha kaduskar‏ @ayesha_kaduskar

#GameOver is such a refreshing addition to Indian cinema. We need more films like this to continue to break the groove of banality. Taaps! You're nailing it with each one you put out there!! @taapsee

Jyoti Kapur Das @jkd18

To see @taapsee convincingly play a vulnerable character, so different from other strong characters we've seen her as, in #GameOver adds to the thrill of this thriller. The twists in the story, the sound design & crisp edit, all packed into 100 minutes, are a big plus!

SubhashKJha‏ @SubhashK_Jha

'#GameOver ...a gripping heart-in- the-mouth thriller that will make you jump out of your seat.this is @taapsee 's own Wait Until Dark and she gives #AudreyHepburn a panic run for her money.'4 stars.

Preeti Rajput‏ @rajputpreeti14

#GameOver review RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐ Story 4/5, Screenplay 4/5 and Acting 5/5, Direction 4/5 One word : Fantastic @taapsee mind blowing in her character ....great work by director Ashwin Saravanan Best thriller film of 2019 #taapseepannu #GameOverReview #GameOver #GameOver

Janice Sequeira @janiceseq85

I think I just watched my favourite film of the year so far! No really, #GameOver is THAT good! A slasher thriller that's probably going to give me the heebie jeebies for weeks to come, I was hooked for the entire 100mins runtime! @taapsee I'm in awe of your choices! Seriously, kudos to you for backing such a kick-ass concept film and for being so kick-ass in it! #GameOver

Nanthini Nandy‏ @Nanthinioffical

#GameOver 4/5 It's an experiment we all immensely enjoyed doing. Like it or hate it, I would love to have a open conversation with you. My only request is go with an open mind. @taapsee @sash041075 @StudiosYNot @chakdyn @RelianceEnt

Vishwas Paandya‏ @VishwasPaandya

I've watched thrillers, horror movies & murder mysteries before, but #GameOver goes beyond genre! @taapsee surpasses herself & lives each layer of the character she portrays beautifully! @anuragkashyap72 knows which ones to pick! Congrats @Shibasishsarkar @RelianceEnt #MustWatch

Srabanti Chakrabarti‏ @srabantic

Saw #gameover @Ashwin_saravana what a film you have made. Camerawork is too creepy! The story has various layers can't disclose here. Go and watch. @taapsee you again proved your strength.