Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S8: Which smartphone is a better performer?

Samsung's Galaxy S8 wins the crown as 'latest flagship smartphone in the market' with little competition from its rivals. However, the Galaxy S8 has a formidable challenger in the two-year-old iPhone 6s, which comes out on top in the latest speed and memory performance test.

If you are still flaunting your 2015 iPhone 6s then you must be a proud owner of an extremely fast smartphone in contrast to the current-gen flagships like Galaxy S8, which really fail to justify their high-end specifications and new hardware.

YouTuber PhoneBuff has put both the phones through a series of stern tests to determine the best performer among Apple's last-gen and Samsung's current-gen smartphones. Coming to the test details, both the phones are evaluated on two counts: fastest app launching times and multitasking capabilities.

Although Galaxy S8's raw processing power seems to take the spotlight away from the iPhone 6s initially while loading smaller apps, the scenario shifts in favour of the 6s while launching larger apps or games. iPhones have historically excelled at games and processor-intensive tasks and it is no different this time.

If you are still wondering, you should definitely take a look at the speed test comparison video below, before making your buying decision on Galaxy S8: