Samsung offers an early look at the Galaxy S7 Edge and confirms few key details about the flagships
Samsung's Galaxy S7 EdgeReuters

Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge is reported to have exploded in a man's pocket causing severe burns to his right hand and leg in the United States.

This incident apparently happened on May 30, almost three months before the infamous Galaxy Note7 made its debut.

California-based Daniel Ramirez, who is recovering from burns, has decided to file a product liability law suit against Samsung, further adding woes to the company, which is already reeling under the Galaxy Note7 battery explosion fiasco.

It is said that Ramirez, who was working on a project in Ohio on the morning of May 30, suddenly felt his phone making vibration with whistling sound in his pocket. Startled by the sensation, he tried pulling the Galaxy S6 edge and saw dark smoke emanating from it and unexpectedly, it exploded burning his right hand fingers and right leg's thigh region.

As per the complaint document we have retrieved, Ramirez suffered second degree burns to his right thumb and index finger, and also second and third degree burns to his right upper leg.

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As of now, there is no word whether the battery of the Galaxy S7 edge is made by Samsung SDI, the very same company unit which manufactured cell for the Galaxy Note7.

It remains to be seen, whether Samsung extends global recall for Galaxy S7 edge, as well.

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Watch this space for more updates.