Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh
Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh

Power star Pawan Kalyan fans have turned nostalgic about Gabbar Singh on the 5th anniversary of its release and the hashtag #5yearsofGabbarSingh is trending on Twitter and other social media channels.

Gabbar Singh is an action drama film, which is the remake of Salman Khan's 2010 Hindi film Dabangg. The Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan-starrer has been directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Bandla Ganesh under Parameswara Art Productions. Released on May 11, 2012, the movie was a blockbuster success at the box office and it held all the top records of the year.

Today is the 5th anniversary of the release of Gabbar Singh. Harish Shankar tweeted: "Even after 5yrs I feel that it happened just yesterday thanq all for keeping the memories alive #5yearsofGabbarSingh love u @PawanKalyan." The nostalgic director also tweeted some photos featuring him with Pawan Kalyan on the sets of Gabbar Singh and wrote: "Blast from the past..... life time memories :-)"

Hundreds of fans took to the social media to share their nostalgia and thanked Harish Shankar for giving the memorable blockbuster with Gabbar Singh. Some even shared the posters of the film with the hashtag #5yearsofGabbarSingh, which is currently going viral on the social networking sites. Here are some comments and photos posted by Pawan Kalyan fans.

A$!-!OK Sm@rT‏ @ashoknaidusv

1Movie =EveryOne's Memorable Blockbuster in their carrier.. Especially for @PawanKalyan fans..its a treat for us.. 5 YEARS OF GABBAR SINGH

Tharun Alluri‏ @Tharunalluri

The mvie whch quenched d thirst of 10 yrs. @PawanKalyan 'enrgy is unmatchble. 5 Years of Gabbar Singh.Thanks woud b a small wrd @harish2you

Charan dvna‏ @itzzMEcharan

#5yearsofGabbarSingh : "Veedi Character..Khaki dressuke kotha coloring"!! Bhukthayasam tho bayatakochina cinema!!!malli eppudu? @harish2you

#KatamaRayudu‏ @deepudear594

5 YEARS OF GABBAR SINGH Abhimanula Dhahaanni teerchadaniki vachava saami @harish2you .. PSPK was presented like never before

K®|$H ©H@®@N‏ @pOwEr_KrIsH74

Thank You So mch Harish Anna #5yrsforGabbarsingh.Maa Daahanni teerchinanduku neeku .Inko movie maakosam @harish2you Anna.waitingggggggg