Gabbar Is Back
Akshay Kumar starrer 'Gabbar Is Back' Releases on 1 Mayfacebook

Akshay Kumar's "Gabbar Is Back" film, which was released on 1 May worldwide, ended the dry spell at the box office with its decent box office collection. Looking at its first week box office collection, trade analysts expected that "Gabbar Is Back" will become the first 100 crore grosser of 2015.

But looks like, "Gabbar Is Back" will have the same fate at the box office as Akshay's last film had.

It is known that the year 2013 started off on a slow note at the box office with only few films making to hit mark. And even after five months, Bollywood hasn't witnessed its first 100 crore grosser or its first blockbuster hit movie.

The only Bollywood film that earned decent amount is Akshay Kumar's "Baby", but it ended its box office collection just before 100 crore finishing line. After "Baby", there were few small-budget films that managed to earn more than their production costs.

However, none of the film movies even came close to the much talked about 100 crore club.

In its second quarter, Akshay's "Gabbar Is Back" was released, and it revived the box office with its collection. The film recorded the highest opening-day box office collection; it further went on to earn the highest opening weekend income.

But soon the dream run of "Gabbar Is Back" ended and the collection of the film dropped in its second week. The reason behind the fall is the release of Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan's "Piku".

"Piku" affected the box office run of Akshay's film due to which there was a fall in its income. The box office total of the film after second week might stand at approximately 80 crore.

The film requires around 20 crore more to cross the 100 crore mark, but since its pace has slowed down it is highly unlikely for the film to achieve that mark.

Also, strong releases are lined in the coming week starting with Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma's "Bombay Velvet". With the release of "Bombay Velvet" the screen count as well as box office income of the film will fall.