"Kiss of Love" activists Rahul Pashupalan and model Resmi Nair, along with six others, were arrested by the Kerala Police on Tuesday and Wednesday for reportedly running a sex racket in Kerala.

The couple, who rose to fame with the "Kiss of Love" campaign, became overnight celebrities in Kerala and were planning to make a Malayalam film titled "Pling" on their controversial campaign.

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Latest reports suggest Resmi claimed they became involved in the sex racket due to the financial issues they faced during the production of the film.

Rahul is also said to have confessed about his involvement in luring women into prostitution by promising them a career in modelling. Meanwhile, Resmi lured young girls to the business highlighting her past as a model in Playboy Miss Social.

Operation Big Daddy

As part of "Opearion Big Daddy", the investigators obtain the contact number of Abdul Kadar aka Akbar through a website called Locanto. A policeman contacted him posing as a "customer", and it was Akbar who showed the police semi-nude photographs and details of Resmi through WhatsApp. 

According to the police, the middleman demanded almost Rs 3 lakh for providing minors and Rs 50,000-60,000 as Resmi's rate for her "escort service". After negotiations, Akbar demanded Rs 4 lakh for five girls, and the police transfered Rs 18,000 to him as advance. Akbar was subsequently arrested on his arrival in Kochi and asked to contact Lenish Mathew, who arrived in the city with two minors from Bengaluru. She was arrested on her arrival in Kochi as well.

Meanwhile, oblivious of the police's operation, Resmi was dropped off by her husband at a hotel near Cochin International Airport to meet a police officer posing as a "client". They were arrested immediately, and their six-year-old son was found sleeping in their car. 

The police have seized 20 mobile phones, two laptops and many USB drives from them, and have sent them for scientific examination, as they suspect the involvement of bigwigs.

Rahul and Resmi had met each other in Chennai seven years ago. Love blossomed, leading to marriage. She is known for her sensual topless photographs uploaded on social media.