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Director Anil Ravipudi's Telugu movie F2 – Fun and Frustration starring Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia and Mehreen Pirzada, has received positive review and rating from the viewers.

F2 – Fun and Frustration is a feel-good comedy peppered with a pinch of romance. Anil Ravipudi has written the screen and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Dil Raju under the banner Sri Venkateswara Creations. The film has got a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.28 hours

F2 – Fun and Frustration story: Venky (Venkatesh) enters wedlock with Harika (Tamannaah Bhatia), but she gets frustrated in no time. Adding to it, her sister Honey (Mehreen), who is in love with Varun (Varun Tej), moves into their home and she also shows frustration. At this juncture, Venky and Varun becomes co-brothers. What happens next is a laugh riot.

Analysis: Anil Ravipudi has chosen an routine romantic comedy story for F2 – Fun and Frustration, but he tried to make a difference with its screenplay. The director aimed to generate fun with each scene is in the first half and there is no logic. He succeeds in engaging you, but he has stumbled in the second half, which is not as engaging as the first half, say the viewers.

Performances: All the lead actors have delivered good performances in F2 – Fun and Frustration. But Venkatesh steals the show his vintage look. Venkatesh and Varun's chemistry with Tamannaah Bhatia and Mehreen Pirzada is good and it is among the highlight of the film, say the audience.

Technical: F2 – Fun and Frustration is a good production values and background score, dialogues picturisation especially close up angles, are the attractions, add the viewers.

F2 – Fun and Frustration review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response to the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read the audience's response.

The Vincible‏ @TheVincible

#F2 :Fun&Frustration:One of the most entertaining first half of the decade,on par with Nuvvu Naaku Nachav,Mallishwari.Not a single dull sequence. It has been a laugh riot. Venky steals the show supported by Varun Tej. Hope the 2nd half lives up and we have a BB @AnilRavipudi 2nd Half follows Rohit Shetty aka Houseful kind of forced,over the top slapstick comedy,gets preachy,has its moments but doesn't live up to the enormous heights it took us to in the 1st half.Could have been an all time comedy classic if it had a better plot in the second half #F2

Benny venu‏ @bennyvenu

Blockbuster #F2 Venky & Varun steals the show with their classic comedy timing Laughing laughing laughing Perfect Pongal Paisa vasool Entertainer Anil Ravipudi another hilarious All time classic comedy blockbuster of the decade He is the Best Anthega anthegaaa ❤️

Vishwas Hk‏ @hk_vishwas

Finished my show #F2 wat a roller coaster fun ride was it. @iamvictoryvenky best family movie after #nuvvunaakunachav and #malliswari.@tamannaahspeaks at her best. Make ur pongal even more joyful with #F2..@SVC_official ur the best in catching the audience pulses

Sai Swaroop Bejawada‏ @sai_bejawada

#f2 #FunandFrustation is one man show by #VictoryVenkatesh garu, superbly done by @Mehreenpirzada, modern evv and jandhyala @AnilRavipudi fun output by @SVC_official.Theater lo janalu padi padi navthunaru after long time manchi #fun movie with #frustration

PuvvalaVirat‏ @PuvvalaVirat

#F2 is fun for all the part and little frustrating in bits. A SURE SHOT FESTIVAL HIT!! #AnilRavapudi knows pretty well how to handle his strengths. Comedy at his best in the first half!! Venky-varun rocked with harika and honey!! Go WATCH IT!!

Thyview @Thyview

Effing hilarious 1st half, aat venky , venky anthe ...alladinchadu, literally Oka 5 mins kooda calm ga ledu...navvulu navvulu...whole theatre ROFL Ee okka half chaalu Asal worth every penny #VictoryVenkatesh is unstoppable #FunandFrustation #F2

Sivaram✌️‏ @sivaram501

FirstHalf Vintage Venky roaring at his best Honey is not the best Varun is okay in Telangana slang Dialogues, Direction and Venky are plus points #F2 #FunandFrustation

Harsha‏ @harshakaruturi

Arachakam 1st Half, 2nd half May be a little disappointment but families enjoying a lott !! Venky One man show throughout the film, Ilanti movies ni Hit cheyadam aayanaki venna tho pettina vidya....Commercially Hit Bomma & SANKRANTHI WINNER #F2 Venky Energy, Venky comedy timing itself worth your ticket price !! You showed the way how we want to see our Venky, Thank you anna @AnilRavipudi SANKRANTHI WINNER #F2

Dr. PrasadReddy (PB)‏ @pb_tfi_fan

1st Half: too good . fun fun fun unlimited. Kummindhi. Venky all the way . Superb character dorikindhi venky, racha level performance with his flawless timing in full swing. Varun baane chesaadu. Meehran overacting Superb 1st half : F2

Telugu Movie Reviews‏ @UrstrulyHNEe

#F2 Short Review - First half - ➡Venky ScreenPresence ➡Songs ➡Lots of Entertainment ➡No any single dull moment. Second half - ➡ Frustation mode on. ➡Decent Entertainment Overall Perfect Sankranti Family movie Rating - 3.8/5.

Rakesh j rakesh‏ @rakeshjrakesh1

Watched #F2 Movie Full Of Fun Feast, Hilarious Comedy, Production Values R Good, Best Movie For Festival Time, "Pandakki Baga Gattiganey Navvincharu Ga"☺ @AnilRavipudi @iamvictoryvenky @IAmVarunTej @tamannaahspeaks @Mehreenpirzada @SVC_official

Naren Mekala‏ @naren_mekala

Entertaining 1st half , Venky all the way , One man show Ghirraa ghirra song Mass #FunAndFrustration 2nd half Felt over action in some scenes , and meeku Ee gunna mamidi meeda nduku sir Anthaa mojuu @AnilRavipudi #FunAndFrustration Over all A decent Watch for Victory Venkatesh garu on screen after a long time Only savior with his comedy timing and first half lo oka Masss song Ghirra ghirraa @Mehreenpirzada and @tamannaahspeaks Masss #FunAndFrustration #F2

Vamsi Kaka @vamsikaka

Done with the first half and #F2 is a full length comedy entertainer. Extraordinary dialogues from @AnilRavipudi . Victory Venkatesh & Varun Tej comedy timing is fantastic. #FunAndFrustration #F2Sankranthi

Ajay Kumar‏ @bandari_ajay

Hilarious first half and OK second half. Worth a watch. Loved Vintage Venky mama performance along with very good support from @IAmVarunTej Undoubtedly 'F2' is the Sankranthi winner @AnilRavipudi @tamannaahspeaks @Mehreenpirzada #FunAndFrustration


#F2 #FunAndFrustration #F2Sankranthi Frustration lo nundi vache Fun ki Venky Aasan kalipithe ee cinema, Every small character is also remembered.. @SVC_official nijamga devudiki coffee gitla pettindra yendhi!!? Intha manchi Hit kottindru sankranthi ki #FunnierWinner

Chandra Verma‏ @chandravvv

1st half surprisngly bagundi #F2 a good Fun ride. Had some good laughs. Venky & Varun baag chesaru. Jon Snow kuda