Ramez Galal, Shah Rukh Khan
Ramez Galal, Shah Rukh Khan

Egyptian comedian and host of Ramez Underground, Ramez Galal, known for pulling some hilarious pranks on celebrities like Paris Hilton and Antonio Banderas; rubbed Shah Rukh Khan the wrong way with his prank. In a completely hatched out prank, Shah Rukh was leaving for an interview through a desert when the driver lost his way and landed in quicksand. As per the prank, the car and the driver sink while Shah Rukh and two more persons in the car try their best to stay afloat.

The prank

Ramez puts on a Komodo dragon costume and comes hissing towards SRK. While Shah Rukh looks afraid, he tries his best to stop the two people from sinking. SRK tries to hush away the dragon but to no avail. After coming close to Shah Rukh, Ramez takes off his costume and shows his face to him. An un-amused Shah Rukh loses his cool and lashes out at him. He can even be heard saying, ""This is nonsense you got me all the way from India to do this sh*t?."

Understanding that he probably took the prank a bit too far, Ramez starts apologising to Shah Rukh who pushes him to the ground and almost lands a punch at him saying, "You want me to make this funnier?"

Though Shah Rukh smiles at the end whether or not whether he forgave Ramez remained unknown. Whether or not Shah Rukh was a part of this prank also could never be confirmed.

Shah Rukh's regret over Zero

For the last few years, Shah Rukh Khan has not been able to deliver a single hit movie. His films like – Jab Harry Met Sejal, Zero, Raees; none of them managed to create the same magic as his earlier films. In a recent interview, Shahrukh spoke about his failures, hits and much more. When asked about the failure of his last release Zero, which did not get a good response from the audience, SRK admitted of having made bad films. The actor further stated that he cannot intellectualize, simplify or oversimplify a failure or a success with thirty years of experience in the field of filmmaking.