Wayne Rooney has been in the thick of things, though for off-field reasons, bagging headlines for his drink-driving charges earlier this month. His September has gone from bad to worse as the Everton star, after pleading guilty, was banned from driving for two years on Monday (September 18). 

The incident for which he has been charged took place at 2 am BST on September 1. He was driving a black Volkswagen Beetle, which crossed the speed limit. Besides that former Manchester United man was also drunk, as was revealed during the breathalyzer test, which made the case even more serious.

Rooney was spotted with a female in the front passenger seat.

However, the two-year driving ban is not the end of the story for Rooney, who also has to perform 100 hours of unpaid work as part of 12-month community order.

Rooney's lawyers tried their best to avoid "community order". They spoke of Rooney's charitable works, but the judge was firm in his decision.

"This is a serious matter... you placed yourself and other road users at risk as a result of your poor judgement that night. I accept your remorse is genuine and that you are aware of the adverse effects the events of that night have had, not least on your family," District Judge John Temperley said.

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Wayne Rooney.OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

Here is Rooney's full text of apology

Following today's (September 18) court hearing I want publicly to apologise for my unforgiveable lack of judgement in driving while over the legal limit. It was completely wrong.

I have already said sorry to my family, my manager and chairman and everyone at Everton FC. Now I want to apologise to all the fans and everyone else who has followed and supported me throughout my career.

Of course I accept the sentence of the court and hope that I can make some amends through my community service.