US President Joe Biden must have been honoured. Among the congratulatory calls that have poured in from world leaders like Vladimir Putin and David Cameron, figures yet another congratulatory message from yet another 'nation'.

Reserve Bank of Kailasa: Fugitive Nithyananda sets up own bank, to unveil currency soon
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Not independent but imaginary --- the 'country' is called Kailaasa. Its PM or President slash founder or owner has written to the US President and Vice President. Believed to be hiding in Belize, the only thing that's known about Kailaasa is 'it's a Hindu Nation.' The only whereabouts of his nation are its name which was introduced through Nithyananda's website. Meanwhile, the authorities continue being unware of the fugitive godman's current location and are said to be still looking for him.

Police at ashram of self-styled godman Nithyananda.Twitter/ANI

E-passports, 3-day visa, currency and a Hindu Parliament

No kidding. The Reserve Bank of Kailaasa issues Kailaasian Dollars and the worth of each K$ is equivalent to 11 grams of gold. Nothing less would cut it.

Nithyananda through his social media pages has also announced to his dedicated 'followers/subscribers' that he is going to float a Hindu Parliament. His Youtube channel Kailasa's Nithyananda has over 296,000 subscribers. In fact, he was to seek help from the UN for his newly founded nation. "Please do not ask for more than a 3-day visa," he has addressed those seeking a visa to his nation in one of the videos.

When the pandemic brought the entire world down on its knees, Nithyananda could be heard making fun of those who did not believe in his ideology. "Some Indian people had laughed and mocked me when I isolated myself by creating the new country as Kailaasa. Now, the whole world is talking about social distancing. Lord Paramasivam has saved us. Power of God," a publication quoted him as saying.

His sermons are prime-time entertainment

For anyone searching for bizarre dog or baby videos for pure entertainment, probably hasn't come across any of the widely circulated videos by Nithyananda. The self-styled Godman is the stuff that online virality is made of.

Apart from the several criminal cases that are pending against him, the pseudo godman has been accused of rape and sexual abuse and a case was registered against him by Gujarat Police in November 2019. He fled India two years ago and the Interpol was alerted. In one of the video that surfaced in 2019, he proclaims that, "nobody can touch me and no stupid court can prosecute me."

His insanely ridiculous videos continue to surface every now and then, while their date and location still remains unknown. In the same video Nithyananda can be heard declaring, "I can tell you the truth ---I am Param Shiva. Understand? No stupid court can prosecute me for revealing the truth. I am Param Shiva."