Ayush Mehra

The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship's day, and this year it falls on August 2. It's a day to honour and celebrate the beautiful bond we share with our close friends. Friends are the ones who know all our flaws, and yet they love us.

Be it spending time with them or discussing the highs and lows of our lives; true friends are always there for us. No wonder then that having such friends in our life is no less than a blessing and we have a special occasion to express our gratitude towards them. However, most of us believe that there is no specific day for friends, as every day is a friendship day. Your favourite social media inducer and actor Ayush Mehra is of the same view.

Actor and content curator Ayush Mehra is part of various Dice Media and Filter copy videos. In a freewheeling exclusive chat with IBTimes, walked down the memory lane and shared how his ideal friendship day would be like in college, his best friends and more.

Ayush Mehra

Excerpts from the conversation:

 Who is your best / close friend?

I don't believe in best friends. I have a bunch of really close friends who are very important and close to me and vice versa. I can't pick one person and It's not fair to name one of my friends.

What does Friendship day mean to you?

Every day is like friendships day since I'm most of the time with my friends,  be it chilling with them, eating out and so on and so forth. Friends are an integral part of my life. Owing to the current situation, this time will be celebrating friendships day via a zoom meeting (laughs).

Friendship day memories in school and college

I remember we would usually bunk college on friendship day, spend time with each other, do masti (laughs). Our day would be like, we would watch a film, drive down Marine Lines, eat pizza, then drive back to Bandra and spend the day relaxing at Carter's. And this wasn't just enough, we would then play football on the beach. Aha! how much  I miss those college days.

 What are your plans for the day?

Plans for the day are chill at home what else can one do. But will definitely try getting on a call with all my close people.

Team International Business Times, wishes all its readers a very Happy Friendship Day!