Its been over three months that we are in the lockdown and waiting anxiously for this pandemic to end so that we can get back to normalcy. Although the lockdown has been extended till July 31 there are ceratin relaxations that we will be getting. In the coming days as we enter Unlock 2.0, there will be new norms that will be laid, and we will be adapting to the new normal. Amidst all this one thing that remains constant is our love for web shows, all this while OTT is the only medium where we have seen new content and the platform has never failed to charge up our bad and sad gloomy days. No one can deny the fact that after doing domestic work along with the office work before we go to bed we do watch something on the web to refresh our mind. And the first thing that we instantly open on the web is the YouTiube or simply browse videos on social media that are short, crisp and relatable to many.

Remember your favourite social media influencers from the Filter Copy videos Barkha Singh, Viraj Ghilani and Ayush Mehra. These young content creators never fail to entertain us with their humorous, serious, funny or meaningful videos. They have been our saviour throughout the year. Well, ever thought what do they watch on the web.

Let's find out...

International Business Times India exclusively spoke to social media influencers, Barkha Singh, Ayush Mehra and Viraj Ghelani and asked them what they are watching on the web or the last show that they binged on!

Barkha Singh, Ayush Mehra and Viraj Ghelani


Barkha Singh who was seen in 'Breathe' web series and is seen in Filter Copy Videos

Barkha Singh

I love watching Indian content which is well made, So I saw 'Panchayat' and it was a delight to see Neena Gupta. Then I have also watched 'Money Heist' as I have been closely following this series since season 1, even before it even became a big deal. And now I am awaiting the next season. I am watching 'Fauda' on Netflix as the premise of the show is really interesting. I keep watching a lot of shows and read books in this genre.

Barkha Singh 2

Content creator and actor Viraj Ghelani

Viraj Ghelani

Well, I am busy sending time with family and creating content so I don't really get much time. However, the last show that I watched on the web was 'The Simpsons' on Disney +Hotstar.

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Relatable much?

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Content creater and actor Ayush Mehra

Ayush Mehra

The last web show I watched was Money Heist and Reply 1988 which is on Netflix! Also I'm telling people to watch my show Operation MBBS on YouTube and soon I'm going to start watching a new show now! And If anyone has any suggestion feel free to share (smiles).

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