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If you ask those who know the Macho Man Suniel Shetty closely, they will decribe him as the man with a golden heart and there's a reason for it. Unlike other Bollywood stars of his generation, Suniel was hardly seen hanging out with famous personalities despite being in the industry. He rather chose to help his co-stars and his close friends to get on the top. He is honest and always received that unconditional support from his father Veerapa Shetty throughout his life. He is known for being a cool-headed person but whenever he finds someone doing wrong thing, Suniel used to get very aggressive and could even get physical. And at one point of time, an angry Suniel had whacked a policeman in front of his fellow officers at a police station.

Once a cop had gone to Suniel's restaurant and had beaten up his manager as he has refused to pay bribe to him. The cop had slapped the manager along with two hookers from the area. The incident fumed Suniel to a next level altogether. He went to the police station and whacked the cop in front of everyone.

"I still remember he was buttoning himself and I whacked him. I had hit a cop at the police station and there was a case. I used to train cops and so every cop stood by me and the guy was suspended for a year," Suniel Shetty had recalled the incident in an old interview with The Times Of India when he was asked if he had ever been physical considering his background in martial arts.

But the story didn't end there. When the cop went to Suniel's father to complain about his actions, Veerapa Shetty didn't take too much time to took out his footwear and hit the cop with it.

"The cop went to my father to complain about me. My father said, 'Oh, you are Mr Das.' He took out his slipper and hit him and said, 'My son will not do anything wrong and if he has done something wrong, he will come and tell me. I came to Mumbai without anything. I have three restaurants. I will lose everything but will fight as I know my son is right.' I was a very good son and never crossed the line on anything," Suniel had added.

So if you ever find yourself doing anything wrong, don't get caught by the Yeda Anna aka Suniel Shetty or else, "Anna tum logo ko ganne ki tarah chil chil ke chota kar daalega ... samjha na?"