New OnePlus 5 monochrome camera sample
New OnePlus 5 camera sample hints at monochrome sensorTrue-Tech

Close on the heels of OnePlus teasing the first camera sample of OnePlus 5, a fresh bunch of camera samples have been leaked online suggesting that the flagship killer will feature monochrome functionality on one of its dual cameras. We already know from the recently leaked retail packaging of OnePlus 5 that the handset will indeed come with a dual rear camera powered by DxOMark.

In the earlier leak, we have seen blurred photo samples taken side-by-side with clearer images on the OnePlus 5 dual camera to create a bokeh effect. The samples were reportedly taken in Shenzen, China, where OnePlus owns its headquarters.

According to, which is the source of this leak, OnePlus 5 dual rear camera will come with 16MP sensors and include an f/1.8 aperture for improved performance in differing light conditions.

OnePlus 5 camera sample
OnePlus teases its first camera sample for OnePlus 5 dual cameraOnePlus via Twitter

Following the first leak, OnePlus had teased a camera sample asking the readers if they could guess which half of the photo was shot on OnePlus 5. Along the lines of Huawei P9, OnePlus 5 is widely believed to be using a monochrome sensor on its dual rear camera to produce extremely sharp and detailed images and this belief is now confirmed in the newly-leaked camera sample (below).

New OnePlus 5 camera samples leak
Fresh OnePlus 5 camera samples leak hinting at a monochrome dual cameraTrue-Tech

A second OnePlus teaser suggests that OnePlus 5 will have smaller dimensions than OnePlus 3T. The teaser also carries an interesting message stating that there is another smartphone with smaller dimensions lurking in the shadows of OnePlus 3T.

The monochrome sensors are traditionally known for producing clearer photos by adjusting to varying light conditions and also offer the user an option to shoot black and white photos.