Park Hae Jin
South Korean Actor Park Hae Jin file pictureGetty Images

South Korean actor Park Hae Jin has reportedly been missing from the sets of "Four Sons" filming since November 1st causing a delay in completion of the drama. Speculations are rife about another conflict yet again among the sets of the thriller drama.

"Four Sons" is a fantasy thriller that revolves around a character who encounters three looks alike while investigating his mother's suspicious death. The fantasy thriller initially roped in Park Hae Jin and Nana. Unfortunately, the production has been surrounded by various production problems ever since leading to the departure of many prime cast and crew of the drama bring the production to a halt in August.

Owing to the multitude of hurdles, the production company Victory Contents decided to wrap up the production by October 31st. Since the director was unable to meet his scheduled deadline, the production has spilled over to the month of November.

According to an official press release on November 21, Victory Contents stated the "The lead actor for our pre-production drama "Four Sons" has been refusing all contact with us. The director and the rest of the cast and crew are preparing for filming even today but the production has been set back by this lack of contact with the lead actor". The agency also accused Mr. Hwang who is in charge of the relationship between the production company and the actor.

Responding to the accusations, Park Hae Jin's agency released a statement saying that according to the agreement, the contract was supposed to end on March. Due to the change in the director, the actor agreed to stay until May which was extended to August. Out of goodwill, the actor worked with the team until October 31st to fulfil his commitment to the drama. The agency said "This is not a 'lack of contact'. We hired a legal representative in October and they are in charge of our responses, our communication channels are always open, so please stop with the defamation".

Further to the statement from the actor's agency, Victory Contents had apologized on the same day for their misunderstanding and assured: "to come to an agreement with Park Hae Jin's representatives after a meeting."