Hideo Kojima is basically God and his latest creation is the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The new MGS game is actually the fifth in its illustrious series and has been treated to a number of reveal and gameplay videos since its initial announcement and launch.

As of now, we have seen a host of gameplay features, modes and options for the game that easily makes this MGS title quite an upgrade over its predecessors.

But it isn't only the features and gameplay for the title that we have come across so far. If noticed closely, there have been several spoilers for the game as well that are currently making the rounds on the Internet.

If you have missed out on them, here are four of the major spoilers that we have seen for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain so far.

Otacon's Pappy Kills Skullface

"The Third Child" (Psycho Mantis, to make things clear) makes a timely intervention when Skullface is about to pull off his heinous plan for propagating the vocal chord-destroying parasite, after Mantis is disturbed by Elli's presence in the helicopter. While Skullface ends up crushed by the new Metal Gear machine, and even though Big Boss and Kaz decide that he can be left to die slowly, Huey Emmerich (Otacon's father) kills him himself.

Big Boss Kills His Own Men in the End

The game is said to climax with Skullface's vocal chord-mutating parasite infecting Big Boss' Mother Base. This causes Big Boss to kill all of his own soldiers in order to prevent the parasite from spreading and infecting the world. While the world is saved, the event significantly scars Big Boss, revealing his "inner demon", consumed by the game's events and eventually transforming him into the villain he is later notorious as.

The Man on Fire is Volgin

If you remember The Phantom Pain's 'Man on Fire' hospital footage two years ago, you should also remember all the reports claiming that the spectral essence of the man actually belonged to Volgin who was killed in MGS3. Well, it seems it was actually Volgin, and there's a new leak that confirms the same. When Ishmael helps Big Boss escape the hospital, the figure appears before the two and reports claim that the form of Volgin was conjured up by Psycho Mantis.

A Psycho Mantis Controlled Metal Gear is the Final Boss

We are still unaware about the way the final boss battle in the game unfolds. It has been said that the final story mission is against the Metal Gear known as the Sahelanthropous, which is controlled by Psycho Mantis. In fact, an image of the boss fight was uploaded by the original leaker showing Mantis floating in front of the giant robot.

As of now, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is set to be released on 1 September for all major consoles and PC.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: WhatCulture]