"The Fosters" aired the last episode for the summer two weeks back, on 17 August, and the wait for the return of season 3B--most probably on 18 January, 2016--is going to be a really long one; which is why we have got you the juicy scoops on everyone's favourite couple Jude and Connor.

The last time we saw the teenage couple, they had said their goodbyes to each other at the court, where Jude's (Hayden Byerly) sister Callie (Maia Mitchell) finally got adopted by their Fosters mothers Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Cherri Saum). Following Callie's trial, Jude tells Connor (Gavin MacIntosh) that if living with his mother in LA is what he believes is best for him, he should do that.

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Jude said he wants Connor to be happy, because he loves Connor, and the latter reciprocated his feelings. However, the goodbye does not mean they will end their relationship just because one of them is moving away. In fact, Jude had said during his goodbye speech, "And hey, LA isn't that far, right? I mean, there are trains.."

This mean, we can expect "Jonnor" storylines in the future also. However, knowing "The Fosters" like we do, we can also assume that after an attempt at making long distance work, the duo might break things off, or even end up like Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and her ex-boyfriend Matt (Jordan Rodrigues).

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Fans will remember how Mariana and Matt tried to date long distance while the latter went on tour with his band. However, it did not work out, because Mariana felt insecure about Matt's refusal to have sex with her, and on a drunken stupor she sleeps with Callie's ex-boyfriend Wyatt (Alex Saxon).

Hopefully, Jude and Connor will not go down that path, and may be they will work out the long-distance dating thing, until they can be with each other in college. Or maybe, they will allow each other to take a break and explore their options, being completely rational and grown-up about the whole thing.

As you wait for the return of "The Fosters" in January 2016, do not forget to catch up on all the previous episodes from the season via ABC Go. Meanwhile, here is the clip from "The Fosters" season 3 episode 10 titled "Lucky" wherein Jude tells Connor he should go to LA if that is what makes him happy.

Will Connor and Jude be able to make it work long-distance?
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No. They will grow apart, and eventually break up very rationally.
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