ishita dutta

Actress Ishita Dutta, who started her Bollywood career with Nishikant Kamat's Drishyam, recalled Kamat as a supportive confidant, the best director for any newcomer.

Ishita Dutta, who played Ajay Devgn's daughter in Drishyam, said, "I was a last-minute casting in 'Drishyam'. I was extremely nervous and scared. I remember him (Nishikant Kamat) sitting by me on the first day of the shoot and trying to boost my morale. He acted as my confidant throughout the film.

The actress added, "It was encouraging for a newcomer to get an opportunity to work with a director like him. He showed faith in me. If I was able to do justice to my character, it was because of him. Whenever I have spoken about the film, I have always mentioned how supportive he and his team members were. For any newcomer he was the best director -- at least, for me. I had one of the best experiences of my life with him."

ishita dutta

Ishita Dutta feels lucky to work with him, as she said, "Whenever he wants to instruct, he would come to me and explain it nicely. I am fortunate that I got to work with him. He was very chilled out. He used to make things comfortable and easy for everyone. While working with him we never felt that we were shooting something and we had to complete the shoot as soon as possible. He never imposed restrictions on the set."

Ishita Dutta concluded, "I was not in touch with him in the last couple of years and I didn't know he was so unwell. I will miss him, especially his smiling face. May his soul rest in peace."