Former JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar slammed BJP by calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi "the biggest liar" and compared BJP's leader from Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma with King Kansa who is the tyrant ruler of Mathura in the Mahabharata.

Campaigning in Assam, Kanhaiya Kumar urged people of Assam not to support those who are selling the resources of the country in the name of nationalism.

Kanhaiya kumar

Further, he reiterated whether two crore jobs have been created annually and whether black money returned to the country as promised by Modi in 2014 elections.

Kanhaiya Kumar said, "What has happened in five years? How are the same people seeking votes again? When I came here someone said that I can be a challenge to Modi. I said that to challenge PM Modi, one has to be the biggest liar of the world".

While campaigning for CPI candidate Munin Mahanta, Kanhaiya said, "Have you heard what has he (Modi) said in Bangladesh? He said he had also contributed in Bangladesh's freedom struggle, that he had participated in satyagraha and went to jail. Only BJP leaders can create such level of lies." 

The left youth leader added, "So a question arises that where was Modi on his satyagraha? Was he put behind the bars by the Pakistan government or the Indian government? It is nothing but a big lie," kumar said. However, this allegation has been refuted by many citing the sources written on this in the past.

The former student leader concluded by saying BJP only makes false promises every five years and the prime minister is selling the country to his rich Gujarati friends and told people of Assam to understand the conspiracy of these people.