India captain Virat Kohli is a run machine and is regarded as one of the best batsmen in modern-day cricket. One of his best assets has been his aggressive game with a positive approach.

Now, former India skipper Ajit Wadekar lauded the recently married man for playing an integral role in bringing crowds to the match venue. "Virat is made of a different mould entirely. He is a tremendously attacking cricketer. The present-day game requires that type of a cricketer because without that you won't be able to attract crowds. Not only is he attacking, but he is a cricketer who can play for the team. He does not like losing," PTI quoted Ajit Wadekar as saying. One couldn't agree more with Wadekar. 

Kohli scored 2,818 runs in 2017. He has the undying passion for the sport, which is visible to the naked eye irrespective of whether he is batting or on the field. He, like other cricketers, always play to win, and there is a sense of raw emotions on the field, which Kohli portrays, which reflects his hunger for victory. It is such special characteristics, which has helped him become one of the favourite cricketers in India. Wadekar also praised the player, who he feels is always playing for the team.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli will look to have an amazing 2018 too.IANS

Kohli is currently on a break from cricket and will lead India in the tough tour of South Africa. After a strong performance at home, 2018 is going to be the biggest test, where India will travel abroad.

The team will need Kohli to fire on all cylinders. Wadekar expects a tough clash against South Africa.

"South Africa is always a tough country to beat. They are tough guys and the wickets are a lot faster. India will have to go there well-prepared," Wadekar said.