Former EXO members Kris aka Wu Yifan and Luhan seem to have initiated plans to resolve their dispute with popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment amicably after a year-long legal battle over contract nullification. 

The ex-members of the South Korean boy group had their meeting with the entertainment agency at the Seoul Central District Court on Friday, 30 October. During the standard civil proceedings, the court urged the legal representatives of both the parties to find an amicable way to reach an agreement.

"Is it right for me to deem that the mediation has broken down? The results of this situation would likewise have an effect later on regarding Tao's lawsuit. Is it okay for me to judge that an agreement is not taking place?" Allkpop quoted the judge as saying.

In reply, the defence attorney of the former EXO members revealed that if SM Entertainment is willing to modify the contract, they are ready for a settlement. "The idea suggested by the defendant [SM Entertainment] was to leave the existing contract as is, which is actually advantageous for the defendant. If they have no intention to modify it, it would be difficult to reach an agreement," he said.

But the entertainment agency denied the request and their legal representative revealed that the firm will prepare documents for the preliminary pleading to prove Kris and Luhan's decision to leave the boy band was wrong.

The record label even filed a lawsuit against their former members at a Chinese court requesting it to put a halt on all their entertainment activities until court makes its final verdict.

However, fans of the Chinese entertainers need not be disappointed as SM Entertainment has agreed to review the young celebrities' request to submit all the documents related to their training schedules.

"Because the contract and the execution process of the contract are connected, the contract article needs to be judged. We need to confirm the relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff through the schedule. They should have it because they had submitted the training schedule during Hangeng's situation, as well," said the defence attorney of the duo.

The dispute between kris, Luhan and SM Entertainment began after the young celebrities bid goodbye to the Korean music group and filed lawsuits against the firm last May and October.