Luhan, one of the former Chinese members of SM Entertainment's popular K-Pop boy band EXO, has showcased his athletic skills in a new promotional video of Puma.

The 30-second-long sneak peek video has been released by the company to highlight the features of its new product line, IGNITE XT Running Shoes.

In the video, the former K-Pop star can be seen enjoying his daily workout session and portraying his boxing skills.

Luhan is yet to terminate his contract with the Korean entertainment agency and has managed bag some of the best projects, making him one of the most recognised celebrities in the country.

But, the celeb is still being criticised by EXO fans for his decision to focus on a solo career. Recently, a few social media users wrote hateful comments about him after he accused SM Entertainment of professional negligence, according to Koreaboo.

The messages ranged from, "You disgust me~compensate SM for all the education and training fee they spent on you than sue them," "You made 540 Million won in 2 years with EXO and you think this is too little?" to "You should have nothing to say even if they fine you tsk tsk. Just stay in China never comeback and don't even utter Korean. Disgusting."

Watch the video of former EXO member Luhan below: