It has been almost one year since former EXO member Luhan left popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment, but he is yet to settle his contract nullification case with the firm.

After several failed mediations, the Seoul Central District Court ordered standard civil proceedings early this month.

The celeb and the entertainment agency had their first court proceeding on 19 August, wherein the legal representatives of both the parties tried to prove their stand.

Luhan's lawyer claimed that the celeb terminated his contract with the firm "due to an unfair treatment, professional negligence and embezzlement".

Counter arguing the allegation, the legal representative of SM Entertainment stated that the Chinese entertainer cannot accuse the firm because of a payment dispute.

When the judge asked the celeb's defence attorney about a peaceful resolution proposed by the record label, he replied, "I'm not sure what is meant by a peaceful resolution."

In response to it, the judge said, "Isn't the 30 million won (approx. 25,000 USD) [requested in the lawsuit] the main issue? The judge panel feels that contract nullification for that is too much."

But Luhan's side informed that the former EXO member did not receive a detailed payslip from the company for two years, "That's an undeniable violation of the contract. While statements were always requested, it was always pushed back under the reasoning that they had no time. Following, what we want is to receive proper statements and proper payment," Soompi quoted the lawyer.

The legal representative revealed that the former K-Pop star received only US$8,400 (10 million won) during his tenure with the entertainment agency.

After hearing all the arguments put forward by both the parties, the court ordered SM Entertainment to make some changes in their contract. But, the firm stated that the exciting members have agreed to continue with the current contract terms.

"There are members who are currently promoting, having accepted the current contract terms. And their profit distribution ratio has already been decided on, so if there is a difference between their distribution [and Luhan's], it'll be difficult for the other members to accept," stated the record label.

So, the Seoul Central District Court ordered Luhan and SM Entertainment to have their second round of mediation on Friday, 11 September.