With less than a week left for the release of his first solo digital album "Reloaded", former EXO member Luhan has teased his fans with the second trailer of the same. 

The 40-second-long sneak peek video has been uploaded on YouTube under the title "Dancing bloopers of LuHan's album 'Reloaded'". It shows the Chinese entertainer with his team learning new dance moves from choreographers Shaun Evaristo, Niki Tsappos and Flaming Genoese.

Last month, Luhan uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of his upcoming music project on YouTube, and the 30-second-long clip showed him recording the songs in his studio with the assistance of Los Angeles underground producer Djemba Djemba.

While the American musician is known for his unpredictable and strange style, the choreographers are popular for Hip-hop dance. So fans of the former Kpop star can expect him to make a comeback to the world of music with a new style.

Reloaded" is set to release on 14 September and the track list is likely to focus on the singer's journey to fame after he left boy band EXO.

The former EXO member decided to make a comeback to the music industry after he recorded China's theme song for Winter Olympics 2022, "Come Ski at the Great Wall". The song was recorded with the help of Taiwanese singer David Tao, and Luhan garnered appreciation from all quarters. 

"Besides his great looks and talents, his rhythm and sound are fantastic. Even though he has natural talents, he also worked hard and put in a lot of effort. He is also well-mannered and very modest. I think a lot of youngsters from the new generation should learn from him," Tao said. 

Watch the new trailer of Luhan's upcoming album "Reloaded" below: