Angry mob lynch Rapist.
Angry mob lynch Rapist.MailOnline News [Representational Image]

A man was beaten to death by a mob consisting nearly 300 people over alleged cattle theft in Bihar's Araria district on December 29.

The horrific incident took place in Simarbani village when 55-year old Kabul Miyan was attacked by a mob led by a man named Muslim Miyan.

In a video that has gone viral, Kabul, the former village head, can be seen kicked on the face by the attackers and beaten with sticks, while being called a thief.

Muslim Miyan was encouraging the attackers to thrash him violently as he had earlier filed a complaint against Kabul over cattle theft.

The mob also removed his pants as they continued to beat him and stopped only after the lifeless body of Kabul laid still on the ground.

The victim could be heard pleading innocence to the mob but his cries fell on deaf ears. One of the attackers used to be his secretary back in the days when he was the head of the village.

The police came to know about the violence when the video went viral two days after the incident. The police have not arrested any attacker, even though their faces are visible in the video.

KP Singh, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Araria, said all the assailants were known to the victim and they are from the same community, reported NDTV. An FIR has been registered.