Malcolm Turnbull
Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm TurnbullReuters

Former Australian Prime Minister has submitted his resignation from the Parliament a week after he was ousted from the office. Turnbull officially submitted his resignation to the speaker of the House, Tony Smith.

Turnbull said that he would resign from the Parliament last week when he was forced to step down as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia.

Turnbull's resignation has made the Liberal government lose the majority in the parliament by one seat. Turnbull's seat of Wentworth is up for by-election. Wentworth was Turnbull's seat for 14 years.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who is in Jakarta at the moment told, "Malcolm has been a dear and close friend to me for a very long period of time and he has served his country well and grandly". He went on to say that retirement from the parliament let Turnbull make an exit from 'the madness of politics'.

Reports say that Turnbull is set to leave for New York with his family for a six-week long vacation.

NDTV reports that along with not having a majority in the Lower house, the ruling Liberal Party also does not have control of the upper house Senate.