Due to the coronavirus lockdown, all the theatres in India have been shut down and it has compelled several production companies to release the films on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon.

As a first step, makers of Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal have decided to release the movie directly on Amazon Prime on May 29. The move from 2D Entertainment has not gone well with theatre owners, and they argue that this step will demolish the theatre industry in the long run.

Sathyaraj.A screen shot from Sathyaraj's Video Clip

Producers and theatre association put forward the concept of OFT

As a countermeasure to prevent the rise of movie releases via OTT platforms, exhibitor Tiruppur Subramaniam and producers Pyramid Natarajan and RB Choudary have joined have put forward a new concept called OFT. OFT simply means 'Only for Theaters', and the people behind this idea believe that it could be the only saving measure that can be adopted to save theatres in Tamil Nadu.

"We are particular that the film will be screened on OTT platforms and satellite channels only after 10 weeks or 100 days of theatrical release. This practice needs to be followed to safeguard the industry," said Tiruppur Subramaniam.

OFT project starts rolling

The first movie that will be released as a part of the OFT project will be directed by veteran filmmaker KS Ravikumar. Subramaniam revealed that producer RB Choudhary has played a crucial role in roping in Ravikumar to this project.

"We then spoke to KS Ravikumar, asking him to direct the film. He was quick to say yes, especially because he had been launched by RB Choudary. His salary will be based on a percentage of the business the film will make," added Subramaniam, Times of India reports.

The makers are planning to start the filming of this upcoming project after the lockdown, and they expect to complete the shooting within 25 days. Sathyaraj will play the lead role in this movie. Vijay Sethupathi and Parthiban will be making crucial cameo appearances in this flick.