Desperate times call for desperate measures. With everyone concerned about their safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a Canadian tech firm has transformed personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect oneself from COVID-19 infection by developing a haute hazmat suit mimicking the top half of an astronaut suit. Whether or not it is bit too much or exactly what you need to keep the risk of coronavirus infection at bay, over 50,000 units of the sophisticated PPE have already been ordered at $249 a pop.

What's all the craze about, you might ask. Well, it has everything to do with COVID-19 and keeping yourself safe in public at a time when it's hard to identify a COVID patient than a healthy one. Let's take a look at BioVYZR by Vyzr Technologies.

BioVYZR - haute hazmat for COVID-19 era

Toronto-based VYZR Technologies launched BioVYZR via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo at $249 apiece. The project has already raised Rs 3.8 crore ($697,269) from over 1,500 backers. There are bundle offers for buying more than one hazmat suit and filters for those who want to get the gear for their family.


With travel restrictions being relaxed and flights starting operations again, it is imperative to stay safe while boarding a flight. One might argue a face mask won't do much, which is where the BioVYZR comes into play. VYZR is pitching its hazmat suit for healthcare professionals, schools and universities, flights and public transport and practically anyone who's concerned of their safety during COVID-19 pandemic.

There's a good chance, the hazmat suit by VYZR won't be allowed in flights as they are not practical in case of an emergency when flyers must wear oxygen masks. The fully covered hazmat suit won't let that happen. Nevertheless, other professions might find a solid use case for BioVYZR.

The demand for BioVYZR has been positive so far, with some 50,000 units already ordered and their deliveries underway.

BioVYZR features: Is it practical?


VYZR has listed series of features that make BioVYZR an everyday gear for stepping out in public. It has:

  1. Anti-Fogging Face Shield
  2. High Optical Clarity and Wide Angle View
  3. Fan lasts 8-12 hours on a single charge
  4. Ultra-quiet airflow less than 10 Dba
  5. Includes nine N95 Filter Refills
  6. Built-in reversible glove for scratching face (non-permeable)
  7. Convenient front storage zipper pocket
  8. 2 Sizes: One size fits most (adults) and kids size
  9. Two adjustable side straps with buckles
  10. D-Ring for hand sanitizer
  11. Lightweight and Durable
  12. Easy to wear and remove
  13. Compact and Packable
  14. Innovative Canadian Design
  15. USB port allows you to power the BioVYZR, whether you're stationary or on the go, using any USB compatible power source

The hazmat gear is made using Neoprene, Marine Vinyl, Silicone materials, has sealed seams, N95 integrated filter and weighs 1.25kg with battery pack. Would you be interested in one of these? Let us know.