After showing signs of flattening the coronavirus chaos curve, several countries including India are now facing a deadly second wave of Covid. The second wave of the virus is happening at a time when the vaccination rollout is progressing steadily. Amid rising concerns, expert Bobby Shailer who claims to have analyzed the quatrains of Nostradamus has revealed that the coronavirus outbreak is just the beginning of a series of misfortunes earth will face in the future. 

World War 3, Antichrist and catastrophe

Nostradamus is a 16th-century French seer who allegedly predicted future world events through his quatrains. Followers of Nostradamus claim that the French man had successfully predicted several world events including the rise of Adolf Hitler and the world trade center attacks. The predictions made by Nostradamus are the subject of a new documentary series from Discovery+. 

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In the documentary series, Shailer, who is an expert in analyzing the predictions made by Nostradamus revealed that Britain will be hit by a devastating flood in the coming years. He also talked about the rise of a third Antichrist, which he believes will be genocidal world leaders. 

"An antichrist by Nostradamus's definition are warmongers who are responsible for the death of innocent people, such as Hitler or Napoleon. I think the third antichrist is coming up soon, possibly in the next ten to 20 years. I would think he's probably alive today," Shailer told The Sun

World war 3 will be deadlier 

Shailer, after analyzing the predictions of Nostradamus claimed that the upcoming World War 3 will be deadlier than the first two. He added that there will thousand years of peace after the end of the third world war.

"I think in the next few years, certainly this century, the Third World War could begin. Nostradamus says it will be a massive long war, 25 to 29 years, followed by smaller wars," says Shailer. 

A few months back, a website named Yearly Horoscope 2021 apparently analyzed the quatrains written by Nostradamus and claimed that the world will witness a zombie apocalypse in the near future. The website claimed that the French seer had foreseen the rise of this deadly event after a virus gets unleashed by a Russian scientist. 

However, Brian Dunning, host of the Skeptoid podcast claimed that the Nostradamus' writings are exploited in a number of fallacious ways to connect them with modern-day events.