FoodSafetyHelpline launches mobile application
FoodSafetyHelpline launches mobile -- a platform for accumulating and learning information on food safety and standards Act, and its rules and regulations -- has introduced a mobile app on Food Safety, which will facilitate food business operators in India, and help them understand, learn and implement the requirements of Food Safety Standards Act 2006.

Featuring all the related blogs, webinars and food inspection tools, this app is expected to fill in the essential requirements to identify gaps and learn accordingly.

Food business operators from across the industry are connected with the portal for their regulatory and food operations requirements. subscribers are FBOs, consultants, suppliers, etc., who regularly participate in the activities of this portal.

With a growing need of a source, which has everything related to the FSSAI compliance needs, Food Business operators can now access all the latest updates and notifications regarding FSSAI regulations plus a self-inspection tool through Food Safety Mobile App.

The mobile application will not only provide the information on FSSAI compliance needs but also features food safety inspection for your business. It will help the food business community, who are intending to operate with FSSAI regulations with a traceability system at their premises.

With Food Safety Inspection tool one can do the audit through the mobile device, generate automated report, save cost of hiring a professional firm for Inspection, cover multiple locations of your food business and identify the gaps in the system and take corrective action.

The mobile app features customised checklists for Self Inspection on different industry verticals to identify possible gaps in your system.

Currently the mobile app is available only for android phone users and it can be downloaded  here.