A robbery video captured from a restaurant has now gone viral on the internet. Even though robbery videos are available in plenty on the internet, what makes this video special is the guy featured in the clip. Amid robbery, this man was busy eating his chicken wings, and in the meantime, he also handed over his smartphone to the robber. 

Food over money?

The man's utmost calmness during the time of the robbery is now receiving positive responses from all corners. In many of the robbing cases, resistance and panic often lead to violent incidents, but here the man unflinchingly handed over his belongings with chicken wings on his hands and mouth. 


The video of the incident shared on YouTube by a channel named Real Violence for Knowledge 2 has already gone viral, and it has racked up more than 3,20,000 views. 

Netizens react

After watching the video, netizens also made some interesting comments about the robbery video.

"There are two guys that cannot stop eating during the robbery, not one! The food there must taste awesome, like ambrosia! lol," commented rockos21 rockos21, a YouTube user. 

"The guy is clever, note he intentionally gave his mobile so that the robber can be tracked easily," commented Hariharan, another YouTuber. 

Some users compared the man with Bob Odenkirk from the Hollywood movie Nobody. 

"That's the starting scene of "Nobody" movie. I believe this man is going to end a whole Mafia gang," commented Ram Kumar, a YouTuber.