• Follow Me Series infront of Taj Mahal, Agra
    Follow Me Series infront of Taj Mahal, AgraMurad Osmann/Instagram
  • Follow Me series in Varanasi and Delhi
    Follow Me series in Varanasi and DelhiMurad Osmann
  • Follow Me series in Jaipur
    Follow Me series in JaipurMurad Osmann/Instagram

A Moscow based couple has been travelling all over the world for five years and hit headlines after their photo series "Follow Me" went viral on photo-sharing website Instagram.

The photos, in which Natalia Zakharova is seen leading her partner Murad Osmann to popular landmarks, has been extremely popular since 2011.

After travelling to London, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Bali among others, the couple finally arrived in India. 

Their 'Follow Me' series photos in front of iconic Indian monuments like Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur Amer Fort and Chand Baori were recently shared online. In the photos, Zakharova is seen wearing India's bridal outfit, reportedly for Harper's Bazaar India.

Meanwhile, the idea of life changing 'Follow me' series came up accidentally. 

"During our first trip, Murad was keen on taking photos and nothing else grasped his attention. At one time I wanted to show him the old town part , grabbed his arm and dragged him forward and as you can understand it didn't stop him from taking a picture even then. So that is how the first photo was born. After that our life had changed," according to Follow Me Facebook page.

The first image posted by Zakharova from Barcelona became an instant hit and has received more than 17.7k likes on Instagram till date.