Floriada Orlando shooting
Floriada Orlando shootingReuters

Developments regarding the mass shooting in Florida are coming in thick and fast. Stay here to find out what we know so far about them, as they are updated on a regular basis. 

  • At least two people have died and several people have been injured in the shootings. 
  • The actual number of those injured has been varying from 12 to 17, depending on sources.
  • Their injuries have been described as ranging from "minor to life-threatening."
  • Three people have been detained with regard to the shootings.
  • The motive behind the shooting is yet to be ascertained.
  • The shootings are said to have taken place across three places.
  • The first was a nightclub called Club Blu Bar and Grill, which was having a "Teen Night" — a special event for teenage patrons. Some of the patrons are believed to be as young as 13.
  • More than 30 shots are believed to have been fired during the shooting there.
  • The second location was the intersection of Luckett Road and Ortiz Avenue, while the third location was the intersection of Marsh Avenue and Woodside Avenue.
  • Local reports say the call for the first incident came in around 1 a.m. local time on Monday, while the third was at 3 a.m.
  • Police sources have said initially three people were seen fleeing the nightclub in a car, and later two of them were seen running away from the car.